We’ve Got A Live One Here!

 Hegemommy today
Figures.  Just fucking figures.  I’m all set to launch this site and the night before I toss, turn, bitch, moan, do everything but sleep.  Why not?  It’s not like I need my brain to cull together some witty words or clever phrases for an official “Hegemommy is live post.”  Nah.  Instead, I’ll have to rely on my well-stocked snark reserves to get this puppy off the ground.

Really though, this is the only way a launch could go.  Sleep-deprived, adrenaline-fueled, that about sums up a day in the life of Hegemommy.  Chalk this up to another lesson learned, forgotten, and then re-learned again only to be forgotten yet again.  If there’s a theme to this site, to my life, it is never underestimate my ability to ignore all good advice and plow ahead bull in a china shop style.  

So, in my zombified state I say welcome to Hegemommy.  Let’s get this bitch off the ground, shall we?

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