Umm… Go Away Miss California

My first impulse when I saw this was to applaud the pageant organizers for coming out on the right side of the whole stupid issue of using a beauty queen to promote hate.  But I just can’t get past the “Carrie Prejean is a hapless pawn” argument and quite frankly find it at least a little insulting.  Please.  Give the woman some credit.  You think a beauty queen doesn’t understand how to build, and spin a public issue?  What exactly is a beauty queen?  Oh, that’s right.  She’s a public figure who does what precisely?  Attend events as yourself.  Got it.  My point is that Carrie Prejean’s only career trajectory is as a public figure and she knew that going into the pageant business.  That is precisely WHY she went into the pageant business.

So good for Miss California officials in calling out NOM as a bullshit organization.  But their shaming rings a little hollow.  Both organization peddle women, and both peddle women to push an agenda.  Regardless, let’s give Carrie a little more credit than that.  After all, at least she peddled herself.

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