It Can’t Stay Cold Forever

We’re having a bit of a January thaw here in Minnesota.    And while January is really the dregs of the deep freeze, the longest stretch of unbearable cold in a state where unbearable cold is the norm, already there have been some small and subtle reminders that spring will come.  Temps have climbed into the [...]

Because It’s Not Just About Me

I’ve mentioned here and there on this site that, especially recently, I’ve suffered from progressives fatigue after the election–that combination of the adrenaliene dump from finally regaining the political majority and the letdown of getting screwed at every turn by those very folks.  It’s enough to make a lady quit alltogether.
Except for things like this.  [...]

Breaking The Cycle Of Ugh

God I’ve been avoiding this post.  In fact, I’ve kind of been avoiding the whole site if you haven’t noticed.  My creativity, zapped.  My inspiration, vanished.  What happened?  It’s a little complicated, but let me start by admitting that I’m overcommitted.
It’s a vicious cycle with me.  I am a compulsive workaholic.  It’s what made me [...]