Hot Damn, Tammy Baldwin

I first met Tammy Baldwin back in 1996 when I was working as a page for the Wisconsin State Assembly in Madison. It was my first post-college job and Tammy was already a force in the statehouse, even if she was routinely part of a vocal minority.
Now she’s running for U.S. Senate after a solid [...]

The Real Damage Palin/Bachmann Bring

It’s only been one day since the Palin/Bachmann rally in Minnesota and I’m already annoyed.  At everyone.  The media-right is in a froth right now about a Palin/Bachmann ticket, one built on their good looks and innuendo-ladened stump speech.  And there’s really no way to talk about the event, or the reaction without it creating [...]

This Might Be My First Tax Post

I have to admit that I’ve been a bit checked out on the health care reform process recently.  On purpose.  I watched Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration completely mismanage their flagship domestic legislative initiative by screwing over their base and I approached a place of political dissolution akin to right after the 2000 election.  [...]