A Call For A New Coalition

Hearing AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka call for a politically independent labor movement gave me chills, not because of the problems that could cause for the national Democratic party, but for the opportunity such a splintering could create.
Here’s Trumka’s words:
“I have a message for some of our friends. See, it doesn’t matter if candidates and [...]

Thank God For the Nuns

If I learned anything in the six years I attended Catholic school it was this: do not piss off the nuns.  Ever.  Under any circumstances.  Even the younger, kinda-relateable nuns.  The fact that, in their push to roll back women’s health and welfare back to the middle ages the Evangelicals and Catholic misogynists have done [...]

CBS, You Suck

Athletics used to be my one relatively politics-free zone. Until CBS went and screwed that whole thing up.