Remember That Time I Went To Africa?

I don’t know if I would call this my most surreal experience, but it is definitely up there. Here I am, in the Minneapolis airport, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, on my way to Africa. By myself. For work.

Before you ask, let me just say, I’ve got no clue. Really. Within a matter of weeks I was packed and sitting here. The background is even a little hazy. partnered with The Global Fund and as part of that partnership I ended up on a media trip to Ghana to witness first hand the successes, and corresponding devastation, of malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS on this slice of the developing world. Seriously, don’t ask because I don’t have any idea. I guess it’s a combo of being at the right place at the right time and with a bit of talent and hutzpah. No matter because this time tomorrow I’ll be in Accra.

I’ll be blogging here as I can during my week in Ghana. They’ve got us packed with trips to clinics, hospitals and meetings with dignitaries. It’s almost as though someone thinks I’m a real writer. But my evenings are devoted to writing and processing, much of which will be done here. So, if you’re curious, check in.

There’s so much that is outside of my comfort zone on this trip. Traveling alone, for starters, to another continent, to boot. By the looks of the email list I’m likely the only American and almost certainly the only woman. I’ve never been gone this long from my kids. And did I mention I don’t really like to fly?

That said, I’m ready to do this. I’ve flipped out, both good and bad. I’ve had the “I’m a total fraud” reaction and I’ve rallied. So let’s do this. The Obama administration just pulled back on a promise to the Global Fund that could have saved millions of lives with some mosquito netting and a few pills. Looks like someone has to tell that story. I guess it’ll be me.

I’ll be posting reactions to my trip here and of course at So, if you are so inclined, please check in. If the start to this trip is any indication, there will be plenty to read.

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