Hot Damn, Tammy Baldwin

I first met Tammy Baldwin back in 1996 when I was working as a page for the Wisconsin State Assembly in Madison. It was my first post-college job and Tammy was already a force in the statehouse, even if she was routinely part of a vocal minority.

Now she’s running for U.S. Senate after a solid run as a member of the House of Representatives in D.C. I recently spoke with Rep. Baldwin about her campaign–you can see that here– noting that Baldwin’s campaign almost had an air of inevitability around it as the movement of the 99% shows no signs of backing down.

I’ve got to say, it was the most refreshing campaign call I’ve been on in a while, especially since the midterm elections. In case you haven’t noticed, the only coherent policy coming from the right is a unified effort to strip back rights, especially women’s rights. And here was a candidate who was not only understood the attack on reproductive freedom was a way of threatening women’s economic survival, she was willing to go on the record about it. Well hot damn.

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  • Autumn McKay

    Tammy Baldwin is a great candidate! She’s pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, supports single-payer national health care, pro-economic justice, and she opposed the Iraq War from the beginning. She’s also introduced a bill to waive the ratification deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment, which would allow the ERA to be ratified if three more states approve it at any time.

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