Winding Down

Well here it is. My last day in Ghana. I blinked and it was over and at the same time I can’t get home soon enough.
The rest of my group left yesterday, which means last night and today I’ve been on my own. It’s a nice book-end, actually, beginning and ending this trip without travel [...]


First off, words fail to express my annoyance that the only thing I managed to forget on this trip is the cord to my camera for downloading pictures. Yesterday was spent traveling through the interior of Ghana, with a trip to Koforidua and finally Kumasi. The Ghanaian countryside is positively breathtaking, but since I cant [...]

It’s The Journey, Right?

Well, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Or at least, uneventful.
First thing’s first. I should have sprung for the upgrade to economy plus on the 10+ hour flight from D.C. to Accra. See, I hate flying. And I really hate bumpy flying. And I especially hate bumpy flying when the only thing for me to [...]