The Accidental Ritual

Yesterday I made tomato soup from scratch. The fact that I made soup is unremarkable because I make soup all the time, and being that it is September and tomatoes are in full swing, me making tomato soup should be no big deal. But without even realizing it, yesterday it became ritual.
See, my grandmother died [...]

It Can’t Stay Cold Forever

We’re having a bit of a January thaw here in Minnesota.    And while January is really the dregs of the deep freeze, the longest stretch of unbearable cold in a state where unbearable cold is the norm, already there have been some small and subtle reminders that spring will come.  Temps have climbed into the [...]

Turning Corners

There’s a lot I haven’t blogged about recently, and it feels like some catching up is in order.  It’s been a busy and monumental summer in our house, one marked by milestone after milestone.  So much so that I guess I’ve just had a hard time keeping up.
This weekend Kelly and I celebrated ten years [...]