The Birth of Hegemommy

I can’t help it.  I was just born this way.  A girl, that is.

Raised by liberals in conservative Nebraska, I was taught to speak my mind and question authority practically out of the womb.  Of course I was taught this in the comforts and confines of upper-middle-class white America, the very cradle of American hegemony.  The only way to change the system is through the system, so you know, be the system.  Be the mainstream.  

But being the mainstream is a little tricky when you also happen to be born a girl. That took some time to figure out and for years I bounced around, fitting in neither the mainstream nor its feminist counterculture.  That all changed with the birth of my son.  Now I was mommy.  People listen to mommy.  Like magic I went from feminist harpie to soccer mom.  Just like that, Hegemommy was born.

But this is not another momblog.  Like all good stories, the devil is in the details, and lucky for you, the details get worked out on these pages.    My son is not always precious, my feminism not always on target, and my politics not always appropriate.  I sometimes behave badly.  I always call bullshit.  Usually on myself.  And when I do, I do it here.

So welcome to Hegemommy.  We’ve got a lot to talk about.