Well, it’s been over a week since my return from Ghana. I had planned on posting earlier, right when I got back actually, but that’s not how it worked out. For starters, getting out of Ghana was, well, interesting. My flight was supposed to leave around 10 pm. All of the others in my contingency [...]

Winding Down

Well here it is. My last day in Ghana. I blinked and it was over and at the same time I can’t get home soon enough.
The rest of my group left yesterday, which means last night and today I’ve been on my own. It’s a nice book-end, actually, beginning and ending this trip without travel [...]


First off, words fail to express my annoyance that the only thing I managed to forget on this trip is the cord to my camera for downloading pictures. Yesterday was spent traveling through the interior of Ghana, with a trip to Koforidua and finally Kumasi. The Ghanaian countryside is positively breathtaking, but since I cant [...]